Money, more money, and even more money are the desire of every person on the planet. So money has found its way in the most wanted list on the globe. "Who doesn't want to see their wallet bulge?" Money is the solution to every problem. As the human population increases the demand for better lifestyle also increases which eventually planted the need of money everywhere. Money can buy us house, food and in short, a better lifestyle. It has a line which separates the above middle class from the middle class and the lower middle class. So the need for money is more in the last two groups of the society. Apart from various other problems making money is still possible by working online from home. Well, this might not be a definite income. So making money online, attracting people is one short way to make money. So here are few ways of making money online:

YouTube: YouTube connects people with similar interests, and then the content which is uploaded ignites the globe. You can earn money overnight if you can attract people. People interested in cooking, teaching or creating a private YouTube channel which can create a fortune. It is the place where the world meets to share videos. Dancing, prank, and other entertaining videos are in full demand. So if you are lucky enough, the money is all yours!

Get famous, get money: Social networking sites are in full bloom. A spark of luck can turn the tables around. You can post your ideas and get recognized in the huge Global Networking Sites. Facebook, Instagram, and others are the biggest social networking sites which can share your ideas and fetch you money. Artists are more likely to have fortune here.

Online survey: You can earn money just by filling the forms online. Many research companies are recruiting candidates to test their products. So people who are more interested in testing products should try this method.

Online market trading: It is not necessary to have a fat purse. You can do it all by yourself by finding any online trading platform. It is not necessary to be like Jordan from the "WOLF OF WALL STREET." Find a good platform and keep going.

Websites: Students are benefited by this. You can start your own website and earn money. Not only students, people of any age group who are willing to earn money online can try this. Once you have visitors, money will visit you too!

Become an author and publish: Books can create impact and change the lives of many. So writing increases your income to double. If you can publish your book on Kindle or Amazon, there are many voracious readers. Good reviews are important to achieve higher results.

Become a delivery boy or driver: This can help the students to earn their pocket money. You can deliver food to the people around you or sign up as an OLA or UBER driver and get going.

Sell the junk: Get all the things which you are bored of seeing or which are useless and bid farewell to them on OLX or Ebay.  It is probably one of the easiest ways to make money when you have something to sell.

Rent your house: If you have enough space for another accommodation, then you should rent it online on sites like Airbnb

Freelancing: If you are good at something try to convert that into money. There are many freelance apps which help you to fetch your needs. Designers, Content Writers and much more can earn money.

Making more money is a new desire and making money online is the new fashion which satisfies people. Many Artists find freelancing as a good means to earn money. At the end of the day your work and determination will fetch you money accordingly, and if you are lucky enough to be famous, your hard work and intelligence have paid off. In this huge population, some people have put in their hard work to use the websites to the maximum and stand as a good advice to the people around them. They have used the social networking sites, and to some extent, the money which they have earned has satisfied them. Others who are not aware of how to make money online should hurry up and try to make an attempt. Apart from the ways mentioned above to earn money once can even sell their clothes on EBAY. It is always better to give it a shot than to do nothing. Make the best use of the networking sites and let your wallet bulge.